Adam Kinzer

A short introduction and welcome for people who want to know about me.


I enjoy learning about the various technologies that allow my field to grow. I enjoy hands on technical configuration/setup the most as it allows me to fully understand things. I currently work at Layton Construction in it's IT department. I handle all departments within IT and bounce between client management to server upkeep and deployment. The idea of growth and opportunity to learn new concepts makes me strive to work hard everyday! 

Take a quick look at a few of my Powershell projects.

Termination Script
This script fully automates ever step of the termination process.
Microsoft Team DID Assignment Tool
This script allows the assignment of DID's to a user account in Teams. It also supports multiple domains and error checks/logs everything being done.
Micorsoft Teams Channel Creation Script
This script will pull from a txt document in it's folder and will create these channels as private channels(cannot be done with a teams template).